About Us

Legalcops.com aims to provide online platform to help individuals and organizations to get their legal work done in a cost effective and swift manner. We offer a platform to all to get their legal work done smoothly. We are dedicated to work with individuals, startups, companies, NGOs, Lawyers, many others. We help individuals get their legal questions answered, consult lawyers on the phone, hire a lawyer for various fixed-price legal services, and to find a competent lawyer without wasting thousands of rupees on the wrong lawyer. Our mission is to provide a quality services to meet your legal needs in more cost-effective and easy manner. We are trying to provide a mechanism to ensure that your legal needs are fulfilled without any hassle and with full transparency.

Legal cops have been providing leading-edge helping people and providing consultancy services . We work with a large variety of financial products for many years.

Our long-lasting relations with client, customer and institutions has enabled to focus to resolved legal matter. Our credibility comes from the clients we support and their overall experience when they use our services, with the quality of consultants that work with us, provides a reputation that is unbeatable.

Whether you were the victim of a car accident or were hurt at work, own a business and need assistance with a contract or lawsuit, are going through a divorce or custody battle, would like to prepare a will or other estate planning documents.

We offer a free consultation in many matters. Please call our office today at 639-387-2460 or contact us using the Contact Us form below to speak with an attorney and discuss your legal matter