Application for inspection of the case file

IN THE COURT OF HON’BLE SESSIONS JUDGE, _____ In the matter of: Complaint Case: _____ son of Shri ___________________ resident of _______ ……….COMPALINANT VERSUS 1- ________________________ 2- _______________________. 3- ________________________. ………..ACCUSED COMPLAINT UNDER SECTION _________ IPC & SECTION ___________, ______________ APPLICATION FOR INSPECTION OF THE CASE FILE Sir/Madam, It is respectfully submitted that the above…

Application for Divorce Petition

IN THE COURT OF HON’BLE DISTRICT JUDGE, ___________. HMA Petition No.__________ OF _____ Smt. _________ wife of Shri _________ D/o ___________ R/o __________________. …PETITIONER VERSUS ____________ son of Shri _____________ resident of ______________________ …..RESPONDENT PETITION UNDER SECTION 13 OF THE HINDU MARRIAGE ACT, ______ FOR DISSOLLUTION OF THE MARRIAGE BY A DECREE OF DIVORCE SIR/Madam…

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