foreigner Marriage Law in India

Nationality and Residence

Under the law of India there is no restriction on marrying a foreigner. The Hindu marriage act 1955 is silent on the nationality of parties to an intended marriage. If the Indian citizen wants to marry a foreigner and both are Hindu, Buddhist, Jain or Sikhs the marriage can be solemnized either as a religious marriage to be governed by the Hindu marriage act 1955. Or as a civil marriage to be regulated by the Special Marriage act 1954. If only one of them belongs to any of these communities, only a civil marriage would be possible.

IN the state of Jammu and Kashmir there has been a rule that if a women who is a permanent resident of the state marries someone who is not a permanent resident of the state, she and her children will lose some civil and family rights.

Refe ; Prakash v Sahani AIR 1965 J& K 83

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