How to Obtaining Birth Certificate

How to get Birth certificate:

From the birth certificate you need to registered at the concerned Municipality or Government office. As per the Registration of Births & Deaths Act of 1969, the birth registration has to be completed within 21 days of birth at the offices of Central, State, Town, or Village Registrars. Irrespective of your caste, community, region, gender, or religion, it is very important to have a birth certificate.

How to Obtaining Birth Certificate?

  • Birth has to be registered with the local authorities within 21 days of the birth at home, hospital, or nursing home. (Free of cost).
  • If birth has not been registered yet and don’t have date/place of birth proof, then you have to arrange a court directed affidavit with the assistance of a practicing advocate.
  • The local authorities require about 4 to 7 days to issue the birth certificate. Delhi residents can collect and submit the application forms at municipal council offices or at the NDMC website (online mode).

You can now download a copy of birth and death certificates online and get the certificates without visiting any designated center for this purpose.

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