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I am a resident of the address mentioned below and I am constrained to report you the criminal act of abusive comment on social media by the accused person named below who have posted offensive comment on social media against me on Facebook page post (Samajik Sarokar). The said person very well knows that such information is false and has posted the same for the purpose of causing annoyance, inconvenience, danger, obstruction, insult, injury, hatred and ill will. The allegations have been made in the post contents of which are absolutely false, baseless and defamatory. She is persistently doing such acts by making use of computer resource and communication device (Mobile) for sending such message on the page.

The said person has circulated the said offensive and false material on the internet which is visible at facebook page————–( The offensive material is not only false but frivolous, defamatory, abusive and insinuative and has been done with the intention to insult and slandering and slurring my character. These amounts to making defamatory comment on social media page and several persons have already asked me about the same believing the same to be true. This has been done with the intention to defame my character and reputation in the society. The aforesaid person is liable for prosecution for offensive comment on social media and other offenses.

I request you to take legal action against the said person at the earliest.

A snapshot along with the printout of the said offensive message and material is being enclosed herewith for your perusal and action.

The name and address of the accused person is as under:


Fathers name:


Contact No. :

Yours truly,


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