R. C Tiwari, Criminal Lawyer in Delhi High Court talks about his career, challenges and successes as a lawyer, his diverse experience of 25 years in the legal profession.

This interview was taken by Vikas Pandey.


How was the initial year as lawyers?

In my initial years was very difficult to stand and proof myself, despite many difficulty, I was honest my work and aware about my legal professional paths.  I had the good fortune of working with some of the greatest lawyers of our times, started to observe and learn from them at the same time started to implement same direction.

I have firm convection that “Without facing the problems, No lawyer can be good lawyer.”Every lawyer has to face the hindrance for getting the clients, to understand the practical law”

There is common believe “Second generation lawyer’s gets success in this profession without hard work” What do you think on it?

It is not correct, Second generation lawyer can get the platform. It might have resulted in some additional opportunities and some recognition, but they have to work hard to their success.   Some of the second generation lawyers like Sidhharth Luthra, he is one the top lawyer in Delhi. Some of the second generation advocate could not succeed and left the profession.

You have been a professional and best criminal lawyer in Delhi with more than twenty four years of extensive experience. How did you go about developing your expertise? Or is there any key of success?

Work hard is the key of the success. You should be very truthful to your client, sincere towards to your work and punctual to your work. ‘Don’t delay your works, if your get your work today finish today itself. Be very honest with your client. Punctuality, regularity and hard work are the key of success.

Mr. S P Kaushal and K. K. Menon were my Gurus. I have learnt from them a lot. They are successful lawyer at the stage. They are very hard worker. I know Mr. S P Kaushal, he can work Since 9AM to 9 PM without any irritation, without any anger. He use to very peaceful toward his client sincere towards his work. {I also learn from them (Smiley face), I can work hard up to 7 PM}

You just asked about my expertise, I deal in criminal law but I have done every type of case like matrimonial, Civil, CBI case in the High court and Supreme Court as well. I did not leave any case during my practice. I consulted with my other colleagues to give fare legal assistances to my clients. I never misguide my client, if I do not know the law about their subject I used to consult with my friends and go through the law after discussion and satisfying myself than I used to file the cases. This is one of the best qualities I would like to tell you, since I started to practice and learn from my seniors during initial year of my practice. If I do not know the subject than I take opportunity to discuss with my juniors, Colleague, I never hesitate to ask any question with anyone, in respect of the law.

‘If you do not know on any subject, “My advice to the young lawyer and students should ask first from the senior, colleagues, discuss with them thereafter go through the law than draft the petition”

Do you believe on Luck? If yes, Please show some light on it.

Both. If you will not get opportunity, cannot work hard. It is very competitive profession. There are so many professional who are better than me but they may have not got the opportunities due to their luck.

Interestingly, I am a first-generation lawyer. I was good students of science and wanted to become a scientist. By the time I graduated, my family economical condition demanded me to focus on work. Naturally, Law was on my mind but I was not clear. I met one of the judiciary officer and started discussion on the same topic. The result of the conversation was that I got advice to find out a career in Law field.

I had the good fortune of working with some of the greatest lawyers of our times, having good luck. I am from Mathura in UP and shifted to Delhi and got the chance and for work hard

Since you have mention about home town and good luck, I would like to ask personal question “What were your area of interest during graduation?”

I am B.Sc.  LLB. I wanted to be either scientist or professor, but luck was with me, my brother is in Delhi Police. We met our relative who was judicial office at that time. He advice me to be a lawyer in Delhi, I tried number of the competition exam, could not succeed. Thereafter the learned judicial officer advice I to become a lawyer in Delhi, I was science graduate, my field was different. In the 1989 joined the law college, completed law course and become law profession in 1993. Since then I worked hard in this profession. I am fully satisfied with my profession.

What was your turning point in your career?

I married with my wife in Delhi. She belongs from Delhi.  I got platform from there, my hard work and personal approach started working in my direction. Some client came from my in-laws side and I started grows. That was the turning point. “I love my parent’s decision. I think all credit goes to my parents because I am here. This is from my heart I am telling you”

How important do you think are internship for a law student?  What sort of internship did you do while in college?

There was no concept of the internship at that time. I joined Mr. S P Kaushal in 1993 after completing my law graduation. It is good for young lawyer to understand the basic law during the college time.

What advice you give to the young lawyer and legal professional who are willing to groom their career in law field?

They should join this profession; there is charm in the profession. There is money and reputation in this profession but required great patience and hard work at least 5 to 6 years. They should work hard, honest with clients. I think in this profession Hard work along with luck also count. .

My advice to the young lawyers  do not run for money at the very start of your career, as it is bound to come to you automatically once you establish your own identity and character in legal fraternity.

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