What is Divorce & Divorce Process?

What is Divorce & Divorce Process?

Divorce means the formal end of a marriage and involves a legal process. It is the dissolution of the relationship and a typically painful process for all concerned. In most cases, divorce may be the best solution for both individuals but must only be considered when there is no hope left. Seeking divorce advice from a marriage therapist or a professional counselor is highly advisable.

Divorce Process

Legal Requirements for Divorce > Completing and Filing Divorce Petitions> Serving Divorce Papers>Answering a Divorce Petition>Mediation and Settling a Divorce Case> Trial and Appeals


Learn, how it works (Divorce)

Where to File for Divorce > Answering the Divorce Petition>Eligibility for Summary Divorce>Divorce Residency Requirements FAQ > Filing and Serving the Divorce Petition > Settlement Agreements and Court Approval.

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