Affidavit for Extending Time to File Income Tax Return

Affidavit for Extending Time to File Income Tax Return



In the matter of ____ & Co. (Pvt.) Ltd. ______________.

Affidavit of Mr.___ aged about ___ years S/o Mr. ___ residing at _________.

I, the above named deponent solemnly affirm and state as under :

  1. That the deponent is the managing Director of the company and hence is fully conversant of the facts deposed below.


  1. That the deponent was required to file the return of the income of the Company by 30thJune , _____.


  1. That the deponent received a notice under sub section (2) of Section 139, requiring to file the return of the company by ____ June , ______.


  1. That the Company’s accounts have been closed on 31stMarch, _____  and have been given to the chartered accountant for audit purposes.


  1. That since audit work was not complete, the deponent applied for extension of time upto 31stJuly, ____  on prescribed form No. 6.


  1. That form 6 was filed by the deponent on the receipt counter and receipt was obtained. A photo copy of the same is enclosed as Annexure ‘A’.


  1. That after filing form 6 and obtaining the receipt the deponent contacted the Income tax Officer, of his ward and the Income tax Officer assured that the time shall be extended and intimation to this effect shall be sent to the deponent.


  1. That because the deponent did not receive any intimation from the  Income tax Officer till 31stJuly, ____ , he appeared on the said date before the said Officer and requested for extension of time and passing of order to that effect.


  1. That the Income tax Officer informed the deponent that the time was extended upto 31stJuly, ____.


  1. That the deponent filed the return of his company of 1stAugust, ____ in accordance of the order of the income tax Officer, verbally communicated to the deponent.



I, ____, the above named deponent do hereby verify that the contents of this affidavit form paras 1 to 10 are true to the best of my knowledge and belief, Nothing material has been concealed.


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