Change of Name after Marriage

Change of Name after Marriage

To make it easier, one just has to follow a few simple steps and the process would be simple to get the name changed in all the documents. Though  it is not mandatory to change names after marriage,

  1. The first step that is required marriage certificate.
  2. Once the marriage certificate is obtained, then you need to apply for a name change at the office of the State Government Gazette. They would include your name change and make it official through announcements through local newspapers. A copy of this advertisement could serve as a legal document for a name change.


A Joint notarized affidavit from a public notary would suffice the purpose.

  1. With the above document you can request for change of name on the other documents which include PAN Card, Bank Documents, Passport, Driving license, Loans, Insurance, residential society and children’s school etc.

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