Consumer Court

Resolving Consumer Complaints

To File case in Consumer Court In Delhi Legal Cops Team  focused to get out of trouble and getting you paid for righteous. After all, that's what we do best. With our team of professional Consumer Consultants we work for complaint resolution related to consumer court. We just don't post your complaints, we work to resolve your complaints.

As a team of hardcore customer service industry, getting your complaint resolved is our prime objective.

  • You as a consumer Register, We immediately Act upon it, understanding the case history.

  • We take-up your matter to the appelete authority of company(against which the complaint is filed).

  • The delivery depends on numerous factors. Your satisfaction & delight is what makes us run an extra mile. We keep you posted about every happening related to your complaint

Rapid Action & Keep it simple

Our Experts formally draft the complaint under the supervision of lawyers.

We ensure  strict timely follow-ups over email / telephone / letters

You will be kept updated on what's happening in your complaint by our team or the concerned company.

There is no limit to the follow-ups we do in working to get you remedial solution. We generally resolve complaints in maximum of 21 working days.

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