Employment Contract


A contract is a valid agreement entered between two or more parties that create a legal obligation to perform any particular duty. A contract is valid when it contains the essential elements such as offer and acceptance, lawful consideration, lawful object. We find many people enter into various contracts in day-to- day life either for business or for personal reasons. In India contracts can be made both in written and oral form. E-contracts (online contracts) are also valid legally in India. It is very important to note that the terms of the contract need to be drafted carefully, to negotiate and review the terms to meet the requirements of the parties involved.


All contracts cannot be negotiated by both the parties, for example form contracts like rent agreements, banker agreements etc. While drafting a contract, it is important for each party to check that their rights, duties and the obligations are covered properly or not. The requirements, interests and prospects of both the parties need to be clearly covered. If there is any ambiguity or misunderstanding of the terms, it is necessary to define such terms.

At legalcops, we understand the importance of human capital and the need for every organization to have a retention plan for the long-term success of a business. Our capabilities, therefore, are all encompassing, covering the relevant applicable Indian labour laws, regulatory requirements mandated for employers, drafting and reviewing employment contracts and staff manuals, including assistance with developing and implementing employee retention and reward plans. Our contentious and non-contentious capabilities include advice on good faith bargaining, steps to pre-empt industrial action as well as, where necessary, litigation strategy and support, as also drafting and effective implementation of applicable policies for the workplace.

Our relationships in the human resources industry gives us the ability to understand the impact of labour and employment issues on specific businesses, enabling us to create solutions that are tailor made for our clients and protect their commercial interests.

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