GST Registration

GST Registration Online Procedure

GST Portal is user friendly but still you have to required the professional’s to fill up your application forms and submission of the documents on the GST Portal because there are lot of the complex field in the GST Forms like choose the right jurisdiction area or range & many more other things.


GST registration is a whole online process is in practices in the India’s market which is done by applying on GST website straightly. All associate official papers are uploaded on the GST openly and when, it is fine, GST registration is settled.

Goods and Services Tax (GST) is an actual new tax policy system presented by the government, from this time, it is very significant to realize the compulsory requisite for GST registration so that individual can simply get the GST registration without any postponement or refusal.

Documents required for the Online GST Registration in the India

GST Registration

GST Registration

  • Commercial related proof

  • Passport Size Photograph

  • Partnership Action or Registering Evidence like COI

  • Duplicate copy of Bank Statement

  • Approval Form

  • Possession Proof  like Electricity Bill etc   if you have your own property

  • Rental Agreement (if assets is on rent)

  • NOC (Download layout)

Who need to apply for GST registration?

Upon Reaching Turnover of 20 Lakh:

If your current supply of goods or service is over Rs. 20 lakh, you need to obtain GST Number (if your business operates exclusively in the North Eastern states, Rs. 10 lakh)

Inter-State Sales or Service provider:

Anyone supplying goods or services to another state, need to apply for GST regardless of turnover. Even online service provider serving customers in another State will instantly attract GST Number.

E-commerce operator:

Who owns, operates of manages digital platform for e-commerce. Eg: Flipkart, Amazon etc.

Vendors selling through Ecommerce Portals:

Persons who supply goods or services through ecommerce sites

Non- Residents & Importers:

Any Non-resident person or company supplying goods or services in India need to take the registration regardless of turnover.

Supplier of Online Information

Any person supplying online information and database services from outside India to a person in India need to register irrespective of turnover

You have to required to follow below steps :-

1. First of all just login on GST offical Portal.
2. Fill up the Part A of GST Registration Form-1 by the Professional.
3. client received the reference number via email and mobile number.
4. Fill Up the second part of the registration form and upload the below documents as per the business entity.
5. Finally a Certificate of Registration has been issued by the Government of India.


Private Business is usually proceeds about 3 to 5 working days for the GST registration in India.  If people fall any of the group (supplier, business man, SME owner, owned retail business) that people requisite a compulsory  registration regardless of their turnover.

For example, if people fall in any above group then their turnover is 10 only then also they need to proceeds the GST registration.

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