Marriage and cohabitation

Marriage and cohabitation

Concept of marriage:  All the four religions of India  whose followers are governed by the Hindu marriage Act 1955 regard marriage as a sanskar (Sacrament). In the society of India still look at marriage as a holy union of two individuals and their families brought about through religious ceremonies.

In the recent case division bench of Andhra Pradesh High Court has made the following observation:

“The system of marriage has a bearing not only upon two individuals but also among their family members and the society because the family is a unit in the society. According to the Hindu philosophy the purpose of marriage is to serve mainly the other components of the society. That objective is not only for the purpose of serving the society at large but also maintaining love, peace and tranquility among the members of the society and contributing for its prosperity” Guntamukkala Durga v Guntamukkala  Sudhakar – AIR 2013 AP58

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