Property Registration


Property registration refers to the recording of the property document details in the Registrar’s office and preserving the original documents with the Registering officer. To ensure conservation of the evidence, assurance of title, publicity of documents and prevention of fraud, some documents are obligatorily registered. It is very important that each document has to be presented at the registrar office by the concerned person itself or the authorized person followed by a witness and the implied registration fee. The properties are registered as per the concerned Act.

Registration of Property Documents

Once the due-diligence is performed and terms of sale have been agreed by the seller and buyer, a sale deed must be drafted. Sale deed must contain details of the buyer, seller, property, terms of sale, etc., Once, the sale deed is drafted, it must be presented to the Sub-Registrars office with the following documents for registration.

Document required to be registered;

Two passport size photographs of seller and buyer;

Two witnesses;

Proof of identification of each party and witnesses;

In case the property is/was under a lease from D.D.A., L&DO, M.C.D., Industries Department, Labour Department of Delhi Govt. etc., permission of lessor for registration of the document.

No objection Certificate under section 8 of Delhi Land (Restriction and Transfer) Act, 1972 from Tehsildar of the Sub Division of the District to the effect that the property is not under acquisition.

Income Tax clearance Certificate in prescribed proforma 34A, under section 230 of Income Tax Act, from concerned Income Tax Officer where the transaction exceeds Rs.5,00,000/-

Permission from the Appropriate Authority in the prescribed proforma 37 I, where the transaction exceeds Rs.50,00,000/- under the provisions contained in section 269 of Income Tax Act, 1961.

Stamp Duty Charges in Delhi

The charges applicable for property document registration in Delhi are:

Stamp duty and transfer duty @ 4% if the vendee is a woman and @ 6% if the vendee is a man Registration fee is 1% of the total value of Sale Deed + Rs. 100/- pasting charge.

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