RNI Registration

RNI Registration

The Office of the Registrar of Newspapers for India, Issues Certificate of Registration to the newspapers published under valid declaration.

If you are willing to start a newspaper or magazine company in India, then you need RNI Registration. Basically, this is a statutory body of Government of India. This body came into existence in the year 1956 and since then it looks after registering newspapers and magazines in India. As per the rules, in India no newspaper magazine or periodical can have a title similar to any other newspaper, magazine or periodical. The growing pace of publishing industry makes it necessary for the owners of the company to have legally approved system in place. All the publications whether in the form of books, magazines, periodicals are regulated by Books Registration Act, 1867. Thus it becomes mandatory for the publishing houses to get themselves registered. legalcops team can help you with the registration process and get approval from RNI. If you wish to know more about RNI registration, you can connect with us today.

Registrar of Newspapers for India(RNI)

In India, our publishing Industry is rapidly growing. Publication of books, newspapers, and magazines are governed by the Press and Books Registration Act, 1867.

Our Ministry of Information and Broadcasting control and frame rules for the Registrar of Newspapers for India (RNI) under the Press and Registration of Books Act, 1867. Prior approval of RNI is required to start a business of Newspaper, Magazine, Journals, etc.

RNI Registration Process

  • In the RNI registration process, firstly the proposed name of the newspaper will be verified by the Registrar of Newspaper for India.

After this, an application is required to be made for title verification, containing:

  1. Name of the newspaper;
  2. Name of the owner;
  3. Circulation language;
  4. Periodicity and
  5. The proposed area of newspaper publication.
  • Information will be submitted to the concerned District Magistrate.
  • As the internet has gained popularity, an online application can be filed for title verification with the RNI.
  • Firstly The District Magistrate verifies the credentials of the applicant and then forward the application to the RNI for checking the availability.
  • Thereafter a letter of title verification is issued by the RNI to notify the District Magistrate and publisher about the availability of the title.
  • Subsequently, a declaration is required to be filed by the publisher with the District Magistrate to start publishing the newspaper.

 RNI registration form or application can be submitted to the RNI – along with the following:

  1. An attested copy of title verification,
  2. Copy of the declaration,
  3. The first issue of the newspaper and
  4. 'No Foreign Tie-up' affidavit- duly attested by a Notary.

From the date of the authentication of the declaration, within 45 days, the first issue of the newspaper should be brought in case periodicity is daily or weekly and In case of other periodicals, within 90 days newspaper should be brought out.

Documents Required for Verification of Title 

Application for the title verification shall be forwarded through authority concerned (DM/DC/SDM/DCP/JCP/CMM etc.) to RNI office.

The application for verification of title must have the following Information:

  • Upto 5 title options (Along with English meaning of titles as far as possible for languages other than English and Hindi),
  • Language of publication
  • Periodicity of publication
  • Owner’s name
  • Place of publication, and
  • Address/contact number/E-mail address of applicant
  1. Recent Passport Size Photograph of The Applicant
  2. Complete Address of Place of publication
  3. Mobile No and email id
  4. Self attested copy of Pan Card/Voters Identity Card/Aadhar Card/Passport as Photo I.D. Proof of applicant
  5. Language in which proposed publication is to be printed i.e, single language or multi language
  6. Periodicity of proposed publication i.e., daily, forth nightly , daily evening weekly, monthly, half yearly, annually etc.


Timeline For RNI Registration

Once we receive the complete documents/information, we prepare and apply for verification of title and after that for Registration of Title. The total process takes around 3-4 months for getting registration number and registration certificate

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