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National Road Safety Policy



The Government of India has recognized that road accidents is a leading cause of death in the country. It has also recognized the importance of addressing road safety in order to reduce the number of accidents, deaths and injuries on the road. This must also be seen as a joint effort/responsibility of State and Central Government. The National Road Safety Policy is an effort for this movement by the government.

Policy Statements:

The Government has taken the following steps to improve safety on the roads:

  1. Raise awareness about issues related to road safety

The government would escalate its efforts to endorse awareness about road safety and all its aspects. This includes the implications of road accidents and the steps which have to be taken to reduce the number of incidents. The purpose of this is to enable and empower people on the road in order for them to take on a meaningful role in promoting road safety.

  1. Launch a Road Safety Information Database

The government would help with increasing the quality of data collection, transmission, analysis and crash investigation by extending a hand to Union Territories, States and local bodies.

  1. Safer Road Infrastructure

There will be measures taken by the Government to ensure better standards in terms of design and safety of urban and rural roads. Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) is to be put in use to ensure efficient and safe transport system which will be on par with international best practices.

  1. Safer Vehicles

The vehicles on the roads must be signed off as in line with international standards so that they pose least threat in terms of safety on the roads and harm to the environment. For this the safety features must be monitored from the stage of design, production, operation and maintenance of vehicles.

  1. Safer Drivers

The government will take measures to ensure that only highly capable and competent drivers are behind the wheel by making the system of driver licensing stricter.

  1. Safer conditions for Vulnerable Road Users

The needs of people on the road (including the physically challenged, the vulnerable and non-motorized transport) will be taken into account during the design and construction of all road facilities. Town planners, highway, engineers, traffic engineers and architects will have to keep ‘best practices’ while working on roads.

  1. Road Traffic Safety Education and Training

Publicity campaigns, training and education will be used to create awareness and instil road safety knowledge among the population (both in the community and in educational institutions).

  1. Safety Laws Enforcement

Various state and other governments will be aided by the Government of India to strengthen enforcements. This will make safety law implementation more uniform and effective. Highway Patrolling on National and State Highways will also be increased in number and frequency.

  1. Emergency Medical Amenities for Accidents on the Road

There will be all efforts made from the government to ensure that everyone who is involved in accidents on the road will get quick, superior medical care. The main features of such medical care includes efficient rescue operations and conducting first aid at the accident site, as well as transporting the injured to the hospital for further care. Further, the government will ensure that all hospitals near National Highways/ State Highways are prepared to care for those who are injured in road accidents sufficiently.

  1. HRD and Research for Road Safety

Programmes of road safety research will be encouraged by the government. This includes identifying priority areas, funding research, founding research and academic institutions etc. The results of such research will be disseminated by the government through workshops, training, publication, conferences and websites.

  1. Fortifying Institutional, Legal and Financial Environment for Road Safety


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